Animation Showreel 2022

I was fortunate to work in the past 3 years with amazing clients on creatively challenging projects involving short films, animated illustrations, product trailers, social media campaigns, explainers, and more.

All animation in the showreel was exclusively done by me.

About me

I am a Berlin-based animator, illustrator, and motion designer. My strong suit is hand-crafted 2D animation that I draw frame-by-frame. I love to experiment with combining 3D and 2D techniques, to achieve unique effects, like the glass shattering in the car crash scene.

And, I love working with startups!

My full range of services includes:

I would be delighted to help your team out with a project. Or tell the whole story with you — from start to finish! Contact me via email: goscha(at)

Additionally I like to educate future animators and share what I learn on my journey through animation and technology. That's why I write about animation, create educational videos and tools to make animators more productive!

You can contact me if you like me to talk at your event on the topic of animation and its cross-section with new technologies.