30-Day-Challenge: Wrap up & Illustrations

12 March 2014 in illustration

I completed my first 30-Day-Challenge, although I didn’t make all the points on my checklist. The daily moring walks worked out in the beginning, but when it got colder, -10°C and such, my hands began to freeze of so I paused the going out but continued to draw inside. As soon as it got warmer I was going out again though.

The same happened with the goal setting, I was setting goals in the beginning and it was working quite well, but then later stuff at work came up and I wasn’t really focussed on my personal workflow… but actually this is probably just an excuse.

At least I’m happy that I continued drawing a little each day, even when I wasn’t motivated. I think one can also see when I’m not motivated in the drawings. So here they are!

This was posted on 12 March 2014 in illustration tagged
30-Day-Challenge: Wrap up & Illustrations
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