Game Development Learning Resources

Here you can find a collection of game development resources I found useful over the years. I will update this, whenever I find other good tutorials and resources.

ITU Copenhagen - Game Development Lectures

There is a fairly large amount of in-depth resources on game design and development available for free on the blog page of ITU Copenhagen. You can see there scripts almost all there courses and they are all in English. It is really nice for them to make them available online for all the indie developers out there who maybe do not have the time to enroll in university courses or who have non in there area.

They have courses on game engines, AI for games, procedural content generation, graphics and game culture. You can even do the assignments they give to there students. The course material is mostly from 2013, but the good thing about most topics on game design that they are timeless and will help you solve many development problems that apply to AAA games aswell as small indie titles.

Do a search for 'game' on this page to find relevant courses, or just look them through.

In case they will take it down sometime I have downloaded all the relevant PDFs and sites as MHTML and packed them in a ZIP here (~280MB).

List of contents:


Noise and Procedural

Ray Tracing/Path Tracing

Q&A and Community

If you have any other suggestions for good resources hat post them in the comments. If you appreciate this collection consider sharing it or flattr it.

Game Development Learning Resources
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