Aureality - Second Season is starting

10 August 2014 in audio

Aureality - S02E01 - Bundesliga: Hertha vs. Bayer Leverkusen

Today I released the new episode of a new season of Aureality. Aureality is the project where I record sound trips and impressions from all around town. My binaural setup, with two microphones in my ears, allows you to hear the sounds as they come into my ear, which reproduces a complete surround experience when played back through stereo headphones.

For this season I compiled soundfiles that are from special occasions, like a football and a basketball game, and from a street parade. Whereas in the last season I released everyday sounds you find on the streets of Berlin or in trains. So I hope this time around it’s a little more exciting.

It starts out with a football game I went to with a friend, you can listen to it here:

Further you can listen to it on Youtube or Vimeo, whichever you prefer. On my YouTube channel I often have longer versions available or some experimental recordings, because there is no limit. I would upload some 1h long versions of some ambient city sounds if there wouldn’t be a limit on SoundCloud. I’m still thinking about hosting it on my own page later on, or switching completely to Youtube/Vimeo with just previews on my SoundCloud account. But yeah well, this is just behind the scenes info, enjoy the sounds! And I’ll try to keep ‘em coming!

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Aureality - Second Season is starting
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