About me

Hey, I'm justGoscha. I'm a programmer mostly working in front-end web development & UI design. But I also, don't shy away from back-end development if it's necessary.

I also have a passion for audio programming & interactive sound design, especially if it's binaural, and aspire to change something in the current state of real-time audio simulation engines in the future. That's why I'm currently studying in the master course Audio Communication and Technology at the Technical University of Berlin.

Furthermore, I have great interest in game design & development, traditional animation, art & illustration, music making, typography & logo design, binaural field recording and writing. Pretty much anything where some creativity is involved, makes me happy.

Contact me!

Interested in working with me, any feedback or suggestions? Write me a mail or contact me on Google+, because that's the quickest way I see it, when I use Google that day.

Meanwhile in other places of the Internet

You can also find my profiles on these websites, if you want to see what else I've been doing all around the Internet, probably also on some others. This list will probably keep growing.