I published a new category on my site with a collection of useful game development resources to learn the art and craft of developing games. I try to highlight sites that are not as obvious, and especially articles I stumbled upon when implementing specific features (like procedural map generation),... read more »


My Development Setup with Sublime Text

Posted on 16 September 2014 in programming tagged

** Updated 24th August sudo apt2015 ** Here is the default setup for my favourite editor, Sublime Text 3, for web and backend development with NodeJS and most other dynamic languages or shell scripts. I even bought it and haven’t regretted this decision. You can also try it out... read more »


A beginner's guide to browser end-to-end testing with Selenium WebDriver and Mocha with Chai & Coffeescript. How to overcome the first hurdles and avoid pitfalls I ran into. Also a tale about the quest of finding a good documentation for the javascript version of Selenium Webdriver. And some snippets for often used, but hard to achieve test cases. read more »


As I stumbled through the Internet trying to find any good tutorial for establishing a DataChannel connection in the Browser, I thought that there were not many good tutorials on this topic. Some old ones, where you didn't knew if they still apply, and some vague ones that were more about P2P video & audio. So I decided to make my own tutorial, just focussing on the DataChannel and make it simple and straight-forward. read more »



Posted on 09 January 2014 in journal tagged

So I came across those 30-Day-Challenges by listening to a TED talk. It’s something that can help you to motivate yourself, get things done and increase your self-confidence through a sense of achievement, when you finally finish your challenge. Challenges can be about things that you always wanted to... read more »


Organizing my workflow with GitFlow

Posted on 12 November 2013 in programming tagged

For my WatchNext site I wanted to use a more professional and organized approach to implementing features and don’t always want to mess with my master branch, when trying out new things and implementing new features. So I stumbled upon GitFlow and used these two posts as an introduction:... read more »